And they call it…

…puppy looooove. Oh, Matt. He’s getting phone calls from a girl. Oh, this isn’t his first “girlfriend” — that was a girl named Ashley back in Rock Hill, but she never actually called our house, so I never had to really accept the reality of it. But now, there’s a girl. Calling our house. And saying ever-so-sweetly, “Hi. Could I speak to Matt, please?”

Oh, my maternal heart bursts into a zillion little pieces, all of them filled with different emotions. My boy is officially not mine anymore, but he’s making good choices in girls…or at least he’s picking girls who know how to behave on the phone.

He tells us that Tara is quite smart and quite nice, too. Further, he tells me every bit of their phone calls without my asking, and he’s making good choices there, too. He’s asked this girl to make sure it’s okay with her parents if he calls. He also asked us if it was okay for him to call her. Dare I hope that he’s maturing?

My boy who is no longer strictly mine is also completely unafraid to show his emotions. When he realized that the phone was for him and that it was Tara, he actually said (loudly even), “YES!!” Oh, Matt, God love you, my boy. And to you, Miss Tara of the ever-so-sweet voice and the good home training, please be gentle with his heart. And mine. For you see, Miss Tara, he has a piece of my heart to carry with him forever. So, be gentle, sweet girl. Be gentle.

God alone knows how I’m going to handle this kid’s wedding day, if a phone call or two gets me like this.

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