Blogging about blogging.

I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time lately blogging about blogging. It seems this trend isn’t going to end anytime soon, as I keep finding new blogs to read, along with continuing my love affair with my old faves.

Anyway, a few of these blogs I read get a LOT of comments. Okay, maybe not thousands of comments, but still. LOTS of comments. I started wondering how anyone could even read all those comments much less answer them since I can barely handle the comments I get now. (Look, I’m a slacker, y’all.) I also sort of wondered if me leaving yet one more comment for them to deal with wasn’t kind of pointless.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got moments of wit and charm. I’ve left a zinger or two in my time. But if I’ve got nothing witty or zingy to say, should I bother to leave a comment? How many “LOL That was so funny, and your kid is so cute” can one person really stand to read? And even if you only get, like, three commenters a day, do you really want to read that kind of comment?

My own opinion is that I love comments. Even the “LOL. You’re great!” kind. (Maybe I should say especially those kind.) But I’ve also sworn an oath to myself to answer every comment y’all make, forever and ever, amen. So I clearly have a comment addiction. I think it goes hand-in-hand with my blog addiction.

But now, I’m genuinely asking you guys – is it better to leave the semi-inane comment to let someone know, “Hey, I was here! I’m still reading even if I can’t come up with anything totally rad to say in comments”? Or should you keep your yap shut (or hands still, in this case)?

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