Decisions and fear of consequences.

Have you ever put off doing something because you’re afraid of the consequences? But then, you finally screw up your courage and just do whatever it was you were putting off, and you find out, “Hey. That wasn’t so awful”?

Yesterday, I did just that. I have been dreading and dreading and dreading posting my weight, but I finally did it. And guess what? The sky didn’t come crashing down. None of my friends said, “Oh. my. gawd. You’re a fat loser, and I can’t talk to you anymore.” (Not that I was really afraid of that. I have some great friends.) What happened is that I found out that I have some pretty amazing friends and that I’m for sure not the only person who’s ever struggled with this.

Another bonus is that now I feel accountable for my weight. I didn’t give myself the out of not showing the actual numbers. So, next month, when I have to post my weight again, that number *will be lower. The idea of posting that same number again is just not acceptable, and much to my (happy) surprise, that idea doesn’t scare me nearly as much as it motivates me. I want to post a lower number because a) I don’t want to be a slacker and b) I know I will have people who will revel in that lower number nearly as much as I will.

What I’m trying so hard to spit out here is a “thank you” to everyone for the encouragement and support. It means more than you know to know that I have a whole mess of folks cheering for me.

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