Follow-up: Whack-a-doodle-doo

The new Blogging Baby post that has me staring gape-mouthed at the screen is about underage drinking. The poster and all of the commenters except for me think it’s a good idea and don’t understand why parents who allow it are being punished. I said, “It’s the law. They’re breaking the law. They should pay consequences.” I didn’t get into overindulgent “parenting” or any of those issues. The linked story was about parents being arrested for providing alcohol to minors. And Blogging Baby seems to have thrown their support behind it.

I should have mentioned the kerfluffle about the guy who refuses to tell his child she’s adopted until he’s good & ready, bucking the advice of experts. I had absolutely nothing coherant or polite to say on that count but I just made a comment. Luckily there are some voices of reason over there.

There was also a post about a deer that got its head stuck in a plastic Halloween pumpkin. How this is about parenting in any way, I have no idea.

Ther’s a post about a family in a Wal-Mart whose baby (in a carrier) fell out of the cart & now they’re suing Wal-Mart. It became a discussion on how stupid people are to put carriers in carts in the first place. Then someone popped up to say that everyone is blaming the mother and not the family. WTF? Ass.

Finally, at this post I’ve been made to be the bad guy for suggesting that a 17 year old child might not be the best caregiver for his biological child, already adopted by another family. Someone named Jenna also tried to argue that maybe this was not in the child’s best interest. She & I have both had to go back and reiterate that we stand by our comments. Meanwhile anonymous posters are ripping us up and down for not supporting fathers’ rights. WTF?

You can’t have a discussion w/ whack-a-doodles so that’s it for that topic. Yes, I’m a big bad meanie b/c I think that a 17 yr old child, who went of to a non-mandatory football camp during the end of his girlfriend’s pregnancy, might not be the most suitable parent to a newborn. A newborn who has already been adopted by adults. So I guess it’s just me, Jenna & Judge Judy who feel that way. *shrug*

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