I started to write…

…my list of five things for which I’m thankful. What came immediately to mind was the Bill of Rights. I thought about making an exception and posting ten positive things, but then I realized that I wanted to delve into some of these things more deeply than I normally would in an aside. But I’m ADD, and in thinking about the First Amendment and freedom of religion, I realized I have something else to say. I’m sure I’ve talked about it before, but I think it bears repeating.

I’m 100% for religious freedom. You follow whatever faith you like, even rooster-worship, if you want. Don’t follow any spiritual path at all, if that suits you better. Whatever it takes to get you through another day without hurting yourself or anyone else is a good thing, in my never-ever humble opinion. I would ask respectfully, though, that should you choose to follow a particular path, you’d please keep in mind that you’re no more assured of being “right” than any other human being, regardless of what any sacred texts to your faith say. In light of that, how about you keep your faith out of our government? Unlike getting your peanut butter in my chocolate or getting my chocolate in your peanut butter, mixing religion and government is not delicious. Not even a little.

I’d like for us to remember that America is great because it is a melting pot. It is a giant mishmash of cultures and religions and traditions, and it is beautiful. I’d like for those of us who believe in God to remember that Her house has many doors, and for those of us who don’t believe in God to remember that it never killed anyone to show a little respect now and then. Mostly, I’d like for all of us to understand that no matter how right we believe our paths to be, we should not, must not force others to comply with our beliefs.

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