If last week’s theme was ADD, Interrupted…

…this week’s theme might well turn into Raiders of the Lost Thoughts. I’ve had a million things I’ve wanted to discuss with y’all, but I just haven’t found the words lately. (I’m still not finding the words really, but I figure it won’t be the first time y’all have suffered through my inept wordsmithing.)

Bill and jobs. Hoo boy, where do I even start with this? Oregon, I guess. Bill turned down the offer in Oregon upon receiving an offer from a company in Indiana. Bill didn’t simultaneously accept the offer in Indiana as he believed he had time to go interview with a local company before committing to the IN company think it over. Sadly, he was mistaken. The offer was retracted. Gee, I wish someone would have asked him if they could do that and then nagged him into going ahead and accepting the offer while continuing to look elsewhere. Oh, wait. Someone did? Right. Me.

My emotions about this? Still puzzling, even to me. I’m livid about him not accepting that offer like I told him to while simultaneously being relieved that we’re not going to live in Fort friggin’ Wayne, Indiana. I’m upset that we didn’t take the Oregon offer. I’m all over Monday morning quarterbacking every decision we’ve made so far which does us absolutely no good. Plus, it doesn’t even make me feel better to chew on Bill’s ass discuss it with Bill. It is what it is. We did what we did. No sense crying about it now.

Anyhoodle, with the OR offer refused and the IN offer retracted, we were left with nothing solid, just a possible job in KC, MO and another possible job in Houston, TX. The KC job has let Bill know that’s a no go, too. So what we’re left with is a potential job in Houston, TX. He’s had several phone interviews with them. They’ve sent him an employment application. They’re scheduling a face to face interview next week.

All of this is good, right? But here I sit refusing to pray for it or ask anyone else to pray for it because the Universe has already answered our prayers, and we were too stupid to grab hold of that answer and run with it. So I’m not bugging the Universe again (even though Houston would be awesome because it’s close to the beach and Celeste loads of other stuff about which I don’t care nearly as much as I do the first three).

Bill is aware, however, that if these folks offer him a job, he has 10 seconds in which to respond, “How soon can I start?” or face my wrath. And my wrath? It is mighty.

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