The second tier

Somehow Hawk & I were talking yesterday about some actor or musician or something who’s in my “second tier” of the Celebrity Shag List. I think it was Bruce Springsteen.

My top four is pretty solid: Joaquin, Ewan, Johnny, Brad. My fifth is constantly changing but officially the spot remains open through this July. Then the chances are pretty good that someone will be stepping into it although I’m not at liberty to say who.

But who is in the infamous second tier? Slots 6-10? In no particular order, there may be on any given day: Eddie Izzard, George Clooney, Bruce Springsteen, Lindsay Buckingham, Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortenson, the guy who plays Sawyer on “Lost,” the lead singer from The Killers, Nicole Kidman’s husband (as I’ve said, she’s my hero, except for the whole fucking Tom Cruise thing) , some dude on a magazine cover, someone in a commercial I flip past, a professional snowboarder, our UPS guy, the maitre d’ at a resturant… whatever. I’m not particular. Wait, some of those aren’t exactly celebrities.

The second tier is not solid. The second tier is basically a holding pen for whomever I might want to put in that #5 slot or whomever I might run into and say “Fancy a shag?” Of course if I said that, they’d probably think I’m pretending to be a Brit. Not so. I just think that’s the best phrase. It’s English. I’m using it. Also before Ron Weasley made it so popular, I was saying “bloody hell” as my most oft-uttered swear. That one goes back at least 15 years for me.

So I thought I’d blog some content today and this was the best I could come up with. Hey, we watch “Pirates of the Caribbean” two or three tims a day these days. It’s on my mind.

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