The Writer’s Friend

We were at the LVM yesterday and found out that we’re getting a Starbucks kiosk. I literally squeed when I saw the sign. I didn’t think I was one of Those People when we were in Erie. I didn’t care when our “first” one opened & I never visited that location. I’d been getting Starbucks at the B&N so I didn’t get the big deal over the downtown location. But every week I got a drink, either at a Starbucks or at the Seattle’s Best at Borders. I prefer the SB (the Irish Cream latte, thanks).

Once we moved and everything was different , I missed certain elements of being in Erie. One of them was this weekly treat I’d established for myself.

Our Altoona Starbucks is in the new B&N. Last night was the first night I had a less than 10 minute wait. I got an egg nog latte and I don’t think it was made properly. In fact, I don’t think I’ve had one drink there yet that tasted quite right. In the meantime, I’ve learned that I actually can make a good cup of coffee at home and I’ve been doing it. I use the Starbucks house blend and add about half skim milk and entirely too much sugar. But it still tastes like coffee. As I drank my latte last night, it got better. I think she forgot to stir it.

But getting back to this photo (not mine) — “The Writer’s Friend” — and why it struck a chord. I never used to drink caffeine except that once a week treat. Since H has gotten older, I’ve found myself back on the drug (caffeine). I don’t like to admit that I’m using a drug for a little “boost” in the morning but it’s one of those socially acceptable drugs, like sugar, so no one cares but me.

On the flip side, I’ve been getting stuff done, like writing. Last night I got 1700+ words written on my NaNo, all while drinking my lovely latte. Some writers used cocaine, some used opium, some boozed it up. The modern writer’s drug: sweet, sweet caffeine (coffee, tea, Mountain Dew). Ahh!

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