Some story about how giving a first aid kit with emergency supplies like Benadryl is a BAD idea, that it might infringe on someone’s right not to give their child Evil Pharmaceuticals. If I had a dime for every time Hawk has asked a parent calling about their child, “Do you have any Benadryl you can give him?”… So you want to cure yourself with herbs? Fine. But I don’t know what these people intend to whip up when a child is having a wheezing attack with hives. Honestly, sometimes your child’s health has to come before your politics.

Then the new guy, who I really dig, has a piece up about some 17 year old boy who is pissed off that his girlfriend unilaterally decided to place their biological child for adoption. Now he intends to fight for custody. Everyone, including the blogger, is of the opinion that this is a good thing. He’s seven-fucking-teen! Is it just me? I mean, when you were seventeen, could you have handled a child alone? I couldn’t handle myself, much less a baby. And the adoption is finalized. If this boy were an adult, he would realize that this child is in a better situation with the adoptive parents and he might ask for some kind of visitation. But he’s a child and so he wants what he wants: custody. Gah.

And then there’s a story about a child in Ireland who might go back to her biological parents. She’s two years old. The parents married after her adoption was final and now they’ve “changed their minds.”I think “too fucking bad” should be a legal opinion. I think it takes a whole lot more guts to make a decision like that and to stick with it. Of course they want their child in their lives, same as the boy I mentioned above. But I think it is beyond selfish to say, “We changed our minds” b/c all it does is rip that child’s heart in half.

Then last week there was a piece about retailers with entertainment areas for kids, like Giant Eagle’s “Eagles Nest” — a supervised playroom where kids can play while parents shop. The blogger approved those kind of services but condemned storytimes at bookstores. I asked TWICE why she would have that opinion, as did others, and she never clarified. God forbid you’d allow your child to sit quietly and listen to a story in a bookstore. You might end up *gasp* buying a book!

So I commented left and right against the mainstream today. Usually I ignore it when they get all whacky over there (this usually happens in the comments, not in the posts) but geezy creezy.

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