“Writing is easy…”

…All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.”

It’s Saturday. Hawk is working. Z is asleep and H is content. Me? Well I dreamed all night that I was in my book but not in any way that helped me figure out how to close the gaps I’ve made. But at least I was entertained.

Then this morning we have another poet at TC who’s doing rhyming stuff. I’m just not doing feedback on rhyming poetry. Period. I hate it and I think it’s inherently insipid. “What the best word I can put here? Doesn’t matter b/c I have to use one that rhymes.” *grumble*

And I asked the same poet about a misspelling on a different poem (b/c you never know with rhyming poets if their misspellings and other weird choices are intentional) and s/he said “it’s correct.” Um, no. It’s wrong. She wrote “tails” and she means “tales” and if she can’t be bothered to spellcheck her poem and then argues with me when I point out a misspelling, I’m certainly not wasting time on a SC (stark critique) that she’s going to rebut. ETA: she also misspelled “separate” in her response.

TC is a small site. If we had some writers who wanted real feedback, they could get it in spades. No charge, no strings. And we’re eager to do it (hell, we could “mentor” them). If I weren’t working on a piece that’s over 100k, I would probably post something just to get the ball rolling. But what I need feedback on is the whole, not snippets, so that’s not happening.

Our e-zine submissions are excellent. We can really be picky about them. So I know the writers are out there and they’ve heard of us. Maybe it’s just that bigger sites get more attention. I mean, we’ve been a WD 101 Best three out of the five years we’ve been in existence so we’re doing something right.

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