Yeah, I might have to rant a little.

You know what I’m so goddamn sick of I can’t even stand it? The frigging divisive bullshit that every goddamn election seems to bring out. Suddenly, every Democrat is a bleeding heart, candy assed Socialist and every Republican is a racist, elitist, rich asshole.

Just stop, y’all. We’re all AMERICANS. How many of you watch TV? Or use a computer? Yeah? Look at that – you bleeding hearts and you rich assholes have something in common!

Now to be serious – how many of you know someone who’s given their life for this country? How many of you have a friend who knows someone? Yeah? Then let’s remember THAT shit instead of ripping each other’s heads off over bullshit that will be over in a month. (And for all the “ZOMG! The Earth will end if :insert candidate here: is ELECTED!”, it hasn’t happened yet, so chill the fuck out.)

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for healthy debate, but this? This has gone past that. This has gone into something I believe is dangerous for our country anymore. We’re divided, and kids, in this world? America can’t afford that.

I’m Steph, and I approve this message.

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